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St. George Bank Ltd
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 John’s tertiary depth of knowledge of professional and personal psychology, management and service skills, negotiation ability, and an uncanny ability to simplify and dissect complex situations instantaneously, have made him a valuable asset to my personal, professional and organisational growth.

John Johnston, Director, Patrick Dixon Real Estate

 John was able to give me clarity and balance in by business and personal objectives, resulting in significant progress in both areas in a remarkably short time frame.

Phil Purnell-Webb
Business Coach.

 The results have been quietly amazing (and I do mean quiet!) During the last 13 weeks I have achieved one massive personal goal in improving the relationship with my mum and made significant progress on 3 other goals… John, thank you for the journey.

Catherine Parncutt (Director)
Life Wealth Creations.

 I spent time with John Mulvey in regular weekly sessions and although the territory was familiar, the lasting benefit was different. His fresh and vibrant approach leads me to unhesitatingly recommend him as a professional personal development coach or mentor.

Michael Drum

 John has an ability to put things into perspective with his genuine interest and understanding of people. He has shown me how to put balance into my life. His gentle sense of humour has made the coaching interesting and very easy to assimilate.

Gillian Lloyd
MLM leader.

 John was forthcoming and open with his guidance and while the emphasis was on me to discover the process, it was John’s continued support and inspiration that kept me on track… I am now on my way to becoming a successful life coach and it is with thanks to John that I embrace this new focus in life.

Caroline Campbell
Channel Nine.

 Hi John

Great newsletter today and I wanted to thank you for the sessions we had recently.

As someone who has been speaking for a few years now in various formats, I am always looking for new ways to connect with my audience even more and communicate my message more effectively. I was delighted to finally meet and work with the man who I had heard about for quite some time and is a bit of a legend in the speaking industry.

John, you met and exceeded my expectations of what I could achieve by working with you and I now believe that my speaking has more heart and is authentically me. This alone gives me far more confidence in sharing my message with the world, let alone the many other tips and tools you have taught me.

Thank you for allowing me to drink from the pool of your wisdom and experience; I look forward to enjoying future sessions with you as I continue to grow as a speaker.

Create Your Vision.

Heather Boon
Your Vision Mentor.

To whom it may concern,

John as my life performance coach was one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. His expertise in guiding me actually enabled me to appreciate myself as I had never done before.

The encouragement and support I have received from John has been excellent. The various tools and skills that he uses have been very useful in helping me to move forward in achieving my goals. John's constant support and genuine interest and commitment to my success, happiness and wellbeing have had a very positive effect.

If you have an opportunity to see and work with John, and you miss it, then you have missed a golden opportunity that only comes around once in a lifetime. Keep doing what you do so well John - motivating, inspiring, teaching, imparting wisdom and getting people to laugh and smile.

Yours faithfully

Liz Hodson

Dear John,

I am happy to provide you with this testimonial. Your advice and coaching has been extremely valuable to me in my practice and associated professional activities over a long period.

The workshops with the whole staff group improved general
communications and presentation skills and at least as importantly, interpersonal skills and relationships between the people involved.
They saw each other in new ways and the effect on the team was measurable. We still recall the value we got from those original sessions.

More recently, working with you on-on-one, has helped me to focus my attention on significant issues for my new business, in areas such as setting of goals, time management and particularly important for my roles in my practice and within the institute of Architects .

I value your advice and input and your ongoing assistance as I struggle with the balance between life and work.

Kind Regards
Ian Mitchell FRAIA

Dear John,

I write to you to provide feedback on the programs we have run and the experience we have had with John Mulvey.

John has been working with the Dulux Operations team for a number of years now, and has taken us through quite a journey of learning.

John has been highly effective in imparting knowledge to myself and the management team in communication and presentation skills. His genuine expertise and energetic nature has provided a learning platform that has been communication effectiveness and ability to “say what we mean”.

John has also taken on the task of personal coach to some of our employees, and I have found his approach to be extremely caring for the individual, with their personal wellbeing and development at the heart of John's efforts. The results have been outstanding and have provided real change in behaviours at work and at home.

Yours Sincerely,
Warren Waples
Decorative Manufacturing Manager
Dulux Australia

Over the past couple of years we have from time to time asked John Mulvey, an expert in verbal communication and presentations skills, to come in and run sessions on these areas, specifically, verbal communication and presentation; customer service and relationship building and one-on-one executive coaching with my senior people.

His hands on efforts to get to know what makes individuals tick and then to establish the necessary rapport has seen a number of my personnel develop their self-esteem and become more assertive. In addition, team morale has improved because his approach to personal development is effective and his enthusiasm infectious.

I would not hesitate to recommend John to anybody in your team that you think could require improvement in these areas.

Yours sincerely
Nino Di Marco
Corporate & Business Bank – QLD
Direct Tel No.: 07 3232 8936

Everhard Industries has used the services of John Mulvey at two of our National Sales and Marketing Conferences as well as separate Internal Sales Customer Service Training Sessions.

We have always found him to be very professional in his approach and a rewarding experience for all people who have participated in his training sessions.

We would have no hesitation in recommending John to anyone wishing to be enlightened in the areas of sales and customer service. In fact, we will more than likely be using John's services again in the future.

Yours sincerely
Dough Stanaway
National Sales & Marketing Manager

Having attended your training on 4 separate sessions and after one on one coaching with you, I wish to thank you for your key role in my development as an Auctioneer. Your knowledge of public speaking and communications is outstanding. You taught me to get FOCUS ‘off self' and start delivering the real message.

I have no hesitation endorsing your services.
Thank you again.

Dane Atherton
Chief Auctioneer
0414 55 92 53

John's programs have made a significant contribution to the capabilities of our airport facilitators, ensuring they communicate with confidence, insight and with that special Virgin Flair!

Louise Zimmerman

Ph: 07 3295 5814

I just wanted to express to you how much the Property Finance Team and I have enjoyed your Verbal Communication Workshop over the past eight weeks.

The feedback from my team has been very positive. Not only have we been able to improve our communication skills, we have been able to dramatically improve our confidence and ability in public speaking and presentation. Further more, the opportunity that it has provided to build the relationships between members of my team has been really beneficial.

Other areas of Suncorp have asked me for feedback on your workshop and I have given nothing but praise to the whole program.

Kindest regards,
Brad Hosking
State Manager – Property Finance (QLD)

Statement of Endorsement – John Mulvey Presentation and Communication Skills Workshop.

The Safety and Health Division within the Queensland Department of Mines and Energy (DME) underwent a major restructuring in 1997/98. This exercise involved the amalgamation of previously separate branched within the DME agency, integration of new activities and resultant recruitment of new staff.

Attendant with this exercise was the establishment of a revised strategic plan and redesign of associated process and establishment of a new organisational culture. A number of externally facilitated consultancy services were utilized to assist this process, including provision by John Mulvey, Creative Presentations, of a series of Presentation / Communications courses to the majority of the divisional staff.

This exercise extended over financial year 1997/98 and it is intended to retain this activity as a core training exercise within our division. The activity has been assessed by attendees as the most effective training ever attended, providing outstanding value in both communications and team building content.

The many staff who have attended these presentation courses over the past year unhesitatingly endorsed the experience as the most rewarding and beneficial training and development exercise ever undertaken in their professional careers.

Peter J Dent
Executive Director
Safety and Health Division.

John Mulvey has changed the lives of some of my staff forever.

Let me explain.

John conducted a series of training sessions on Public Speaking for sales managers, editors and senior sales executives at Quest Community Newspapers.

At the conclusion of these sessions, there was a remarkable improvement, not only in understanding the skills of Public Speaking, it developed a confidence and self worth in those who attended, which enabled some of them to achieve goals that they felt were an impossibility.

John's easy style and understanding of people encouraged involvement and commitment from everyone who attended.

John's knowledge and presentation skills are easy for me to recommend.

Yours sincerely,

Barry Gordon
Group Sales Manager
Quest Community Newspapers.

Sinclair Knight Merz

John Mulvey, Principal of Creative Presentations, has been engaged by the QMEL Group of Sinclair Knight Merz in Brisbane . John was requested to assist the group to improve communication and presentation skills. John has now completed two training programmes for the group.

John Mulvey is an enthusiastic, energetic and ebullient person. These characteristics came through strongly throughout his presentations so that the training sessions are both enjoyable and educational. John has a unique teaching style, so that while the participants enjoy the experience, they also find themselves committing strongly to their development by active participation in group presentations.

Without exception our staff have gained significantly in both confidence and ability in relation to their communication skills. The process we adopted for these training programmes allowed all participants ample opportunity to participate actively as individuals. Through John's experience and guidance we found the training to be most worthwhile while still enjoying the experience.

CC Popple

Dear John,

When we first came together to discuss our requirements at CSR, I laboured on the importance of adhering to the “Vision” and “Values” of our company. It is with the deepest respect that I would like to acknowledge the success of your efforts, by creating energy and pride in our sales people who attended your program.

The obvious development of their self esteem has contributed greatly to the efficiency and effectiveness of their day to day activities which is now evident. The team have commented about the benefits to them, in their personal lives as well as at work. John, to obtain and measure the “real” effects, I have asked a group to provide some practical examples of their learning's. Here are some of the extracts:

“Some of the actions that I have learnt and put into place are, ‘I'm sorry that I wasn't here on time, I'm running a little behind schedule today'. Overcoming my fears, like talking in front of a large group of strangers or friends and learning to juggle, things that I thought I wasn't able to master but now I can. Another good line that I have put to use is, “Sorry but your name escapes me”.
Gary Wakeling Oct 96.

“Last week we were watching the TV program, ‘Who Dares Wins' and the presenter was daring people to speak about themselves for one minute without umm and ahhing. They were unable to find anyone in the Sydney shopping centre to complete the challenge. At the end of the segment, the presenter challenged us, the viewers at home to have a go. My husband had a go, lasted 5 seconds. My mother lasted 40 seconds and my father made it to 20 seconds. I completed the 1 minute without a hitch using the techniques that I had learnt from John's course. I was really excited about speaking at the CSR annual Ball, which would have scared me before. I also look forward to doing my presentation for Homechoice Display Centre in the near future.”
Janice Phillips Oct 96.

To Whom It May Concern,

I was so impressed by John Mulvey as a trainer on our first encounter in late 1999 that I determined then and there that should he agree, I would like to engage his services as my professional trainer.

I have now been under the direct personal tutelage of John Mulvey for in excess of six months. We consult on a weekly basis.

My intent when engaging John was to improve my public speaking ability. John has made admirable and tangible progress in this area.

What I hadn't planned for was John Mulvey becoming somewhat of a mentor in many areas of my business. John's tertiary depth of knowledge of professional and personal psychology, management and service skills, negotiating ability and uncanny ability to simplify and dissect complex situations instantaneously have made John a valuable asset to my personal, professional and organisational growth.

I would without hesitation recommend John Mulvey's superior services to any organisation or individual which or whom has a serious desire to improve their situation. John is worth his weight in gold!

John Johnstone
Patrick Dixon Real Estate

Dear John,

First of all I would like to thank you very sincerely for the wonderful coaching that I have received over the past three months.

When I was first told that there was a gentleman called John Mulvey who could help me improve my Public Speaking and Communication Skills, I thought to myself, he has a big job ahead of him.

Duly elected or volunteered by members, I found myself president of our small but rapidly growing Chamber of Commerce. At most meetings, with some sixty or so people present, I just managed to stumble my way through plenty of um's, ar's and the like, not sure at the end whether anybody took any notice of what I had to say. I found myself speaking so fast, that even I couldn't remember what I had said.

After only eight one hour lessons with yourself, I now have so much more confidence. I find myself listening to the audience, my memory has improved and now my voice has slowed to a point where the audience can understand what I am saying. This improvement has not only benefited me in public speaking but also with day to day communication with my staff and other people. What more could I ask for? I also learnt how to juggle!

Again, thank you John, I hope one day in the near future you may be able to speak at a chamber meeting.

Look forward to catching up with you soon.

John Harrison.

The JKMRC has engaged Mr John Mulvey in 1993 and 1994 to provide courses in oral presentation skills for our Postgraduate Students. John came to our notice as a result of a course he provided in another section of the University. As part of its student activities, the JKMRC hosts an annual Postgraduate Students' Conference where students prepare and present technical papers to a professional audience.

John worked with a group of authors and presenters in 1993 and achieved considerable success in improving presentation standards. As a result, his course has been expanded to a wider group of students in 1994. The students John worked with are from a range of nationalities with varying English skills and they have all responded well to John's enthusiasm and obvious teaching skills.

I am pleased to recommend Mr John Mulvey as a highly effective teacher in the area of presentation skills.

Dr D J McKee


 To whom it may concern:

Re: John Mulvey and Creative Presentations

At the University of the Sunshine Coast we have a well‐established guest lecturship program for our
public relations/public affairs and communications subjects. The University approaches only those
organisations that can offer high‐level experience to our students, and specific professional guidance
in the field of communications.

John Mulvey has been invited to provide general communication and public speaking guidance to
students at the University of the Sunshine Coast for several years.

John is consistently generous with his time and knowledge, guiding students in the delivery of
communication strategies for the purposes of public relations and general education.

All students that have undertaken a lecture/workshop with John have found the material
fascinating, challenging and the experience great fun; each has gone on to a successful presentations
in their public relations studies and in workplace internships, with the Creative Presentations
experience standing them in excellent stead.

I am grateful for the guidance that John has given to many of our students and look forward to
continuing the Industry Partnership in the years ahead.

Please contact me at any time should you require any further information.

Yours sincerely

Dr Amalia Matheson.

 To whom it may concern

It is with John Mulvey’s guidance that I have come from speaking to listening and imparting knowledge that completes everything that I have been searching for. I am honoured to have John coach me in all aspects of creating an engaging and enlightening speech in so many varied topics.
John is passionate and not scared to tell it like it is. It is with his vast knowledge and willingness that makes you feel centre stage. He has taught me unique and special skills that will only improve as time goes by.
It is with pride that I highly recommend and support Creative Presentations for anyone who wants to be the best that they can be.

Kind regards

Karen D

Karen Devereux
Interior Decorator/Author
KD Designs

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