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Spotting buying signals can be a strongpoint, and the use of words to control an exchange can be of enormous advantage. Knowing how to establish rapport is useful and can turn around an objection into an approval. Picking up on the habits of a potential buyer is useful of course, and knowing how to establish trust and credibility can be extremely valuable.

Super selling is the art of creating an environment where people want to buy. This is often as a result of developing the art of asking questions and finding where the potential prospect is at. This technique results in buyers making their own decisions and trusting the sales person. All the strategies in the world about the seven ways to close a sale and close as soon as you meet, ad nauseam, pale into insignificance when the invitation to buy is properly executed.

People buy people first no matter what the product or service offered. If the prospect doesn’t like the seller, then the battle is always uphill: sometimes resulting in a sale, and often arousing belated suspicion. So called selling skills were taught in order to outmanoeuvre prospects. Nowadays, the enlightened sales person is more likely to offer products and services and invite people to choose whether to accept by way of purchase, rather than to bully them into submission.

Recognising that exchanges are between human beings is a good foundation for building a relationship and sometimes establishing rapport. Once trust is mutually accepted, price is a secondary consideration. Price is seldom the only criterion in the marketplace of product or service for money. Building this all important trust comes as a result of communicating effectively at an unconscious level. It has been referred to as unconscious competence and Richard Bandler along with John Grinder are founder members of what is commonly referred to nowadays as NLP; short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. They postulated that people have three basic methods of perceiving the world:

  • Visual – seeing the world
  • Auditory – hearing the world
  • Kinaesthetic – feeling what’s going on

These representational systems are ways to organise our thoughts, and help us to relate and respond to whatever is going on around us.

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