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Developing the ability to speak well can have an enormous effect in shaping public opinion, influencing boardroom decisions and being regarded as a confident human being.

Allowing words to tumble out of your mouth without practising the art of getting your message across can lead to all sorts of misinterpretation. Saying what you mean and having your meaning clearly understood is both possible and powerful. You need to want to do it of course, and given that desire, then the contents of this step by step introduction to the wonderful world of effective verbal communication is a treasure house of easy to learn skills and techniques.

In today’s fast-paced society, the ability to think on your feet and to clearly state your opinion, idea or wants is an advantage. Spontaneity of speech is no guarantee that you will say what you truly want to say. Speech in fact is a faculty, yet communication is an art. Sometimes it might be better to say nothing in order to convey a pertinent message. To speak or not to speak is a question that competent communicators have studied and understand.

In order to become a person, who can persuade, influence and stir others into action, you need to practise pronunciation, vary your vocabulary and dedicate your delivery to your audience. In short, get focus off you and on to your listener. Good speakers do this and make a difference, by expressing clearly in language that the audience understands, instead of trying to impress with flowery words and well-rehearsed gestures.

I’m inviting you to come with me on this journey; this verbal vacation, which will enable you to stand and deliver at any time to anyone and anywhere.

Let John Mulvey help you to become a person of conviction when the need arises for you to speak.


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