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There are many aspects of leadership and there is a distinct difference between it and management. Understanding what is required in order to lead a group or team to a successful outcome is paramount for effective leadership.

Leadership is developed ... we’re not born with it.  Take a look in a hospital baby ward... no tags declaring, ‘This one’s a leader!’ We make up our minds to be a leader.

Advantages: True leaders have prestige, pride and dignity in what they do - tremendous feeling of well-being, satisfaction and inner fulfillment.

That comes from knowing that you’ve helped others to achieve what they want. There is a difference between manipulation and motivation!

A leader is proud of what he or she does and good at it. Leadership provides the only real security, and it’s important to understand what SECURITY is. It’s not necessarily a good job or money in the bank. A good job can be lost and money can be spent.

There are important qualities required, all embraced with integrity. Integrity, people have or they don’t… no half way measures.

In my training on the importance and effectiveness of true leadership, all the required qualities are discussed and explained fully. Also, traps to avoid and how to replace those traps with successful methods have enabled many of today’s leaders I’ve had the pleasure of working with to improve their lot.

Learn to understand the 3 C’s of negativity and how to replace them with the 3 C’s of positivity.

You’ll appreciate the training methods of John Mulvey.


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