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buy juggling ballsJuggling balls are more than a clown's accessories. There is rhythm and fun in being able to keep your balls in the air, and there is much more meaning to the action of doing that.

It is a right brain activity, which means using your imagination and releasing the creative juices by activating alpha brainwaves. Just handling these balls can be therapeutic. Using them as stress balls by squeezing them in the hand can help the feeling of wellbeing.

Taking your mind off the trials and tribulations, which have become a feature of everyday working and living, is one advantage of having balls in your hand.

As Theodore Roosevelt is credited with announcing,

"If you have them by the balls, then pretty soon, their minds will follow,"

also applies to you. By concentrating on the balls, your mind becomes more focused and switches off the busy beta brain rhythm. Learn to juggle and have fun doing it!

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