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The majority of my work is to do with verbal communication, which affects sales, customer service and relationship building. This form of transferring information is done via the spoken word, the way it is transferred and the inescapable body language, which accounts for the bulk of the message.

Have you ever felt that no matter what you said or how you thought you said it, the receiver either didn’t get it or didn’t want to get it? Please be aware that not everybody will accept you as a person. Whatever you do and however you present yourself, a percentage of people will not like you; what you stand for or what you have to offer!

This, unfortunately, is human nature, and in order to be honest with yourself, taking a moment to consider the fact that you might not have liked everyone that you have met, could put it into perspective!

How flexible are you in your approach to conversation? Are you so set in your ways that a different opinion to yours is dismissed as being without foundation? Do you ever feel that arguing for acceptance of your point of view is worthwhile? The reason I ask is merely to suggest that nobody wins an argument in conversation. It might be that you vanquish an opponent, which could promote anger and some form of revenge. Not many people like to be told that they are wrong, and getting one’s own back is usually the order of the day. Allowing a different perspective to pass with a simple, ‘I hadn’t considered it that way,’ is possibly a better solution than stubbornly refusing to yield ground until the other person accepts your way of thinking. After all, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Effective communication is like dancing with your favourite partner, when you only have eyes for them. It takes two to tango and communication does not happen if only one person gets it; ‘it’ being the message. If there in not mutual understanding, which is clear to both parties, then communication has not been effective. Somebody has spoken and another person might have been hearing the words, but if the sender and receiver have different interpretations, than communication has not taken place.

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