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This fast moving, fun and interactive workshop will have you and your staff buzzing! You will not only develop the skills of standout customer service but also leave with the motivation to implement and live the principles on a consistent basis.

John Mulvey’s methods use a variety of presentation, workshop and experiential educational formats that are proven to be stimulating and effective. They are interactive and provide a dynamic, fun and conducive environment for adult learning to take place.                                       

You will learn:

  • How to greet customers and create those magical first impressions.
  • How to shape your own attitude and motivate yourself to be 'customer orientated.'
  • The Difference between Customer Service & Customer Focus.
  • The importance of language, tone and tempo, behaviour, appearance and more.
  • How and when to use assertive communication.
  • The art of identifying customers real needs and how to satisfy them.
  • The skills of listening.
  • The development of interpersonal skills for dealing with different types of people.
  • Integrity: the foundation of trust.
  • Delivering outstanding service yet meeting organisational procedures.
  • To enhance your Self-Confidence and Self-Image.
  • Why Complaints really are opportunities.
  • How to ask Questions ... Open ... Closed ... and Ones That Work.
  • Why People Like People that are Like Themselves

Providing sensational service seems Common Sense yet it isn’t common practice!

Your People: the real advantage or liability that sets your organisation apart!

Put you and your staff in the capable hands of John Mulvey.


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