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An area that many people are now finding of enormous benefit

I remember when I was a kid and was fortunate to have a mentor living next door. It seems to me that a mentor amongst families and even close neighbours is a thing of the past.

Group training is giving way to one-on-one coaching largely because the results are better. The Fortune 500 companies are including Life Coaches in employment packages as an incentive; such is the amazing proof of personal gain from these alliances.

The purpose is to realise potential: individual sessions aimed at getting the best out of people.
Improvement in any pursuit starts with self-improvement. This often requires change and that change is best served by having a sounding board, who is a mentor, manager and even a friend, who can support that change

Executives, business owners and ordinary people can all benefit from the process. John has helped many people to achieve what they wanted to have, to be or to do.

The only agenda is your agenda in a bid to help you get what you want out of life. The commitment is yours and the hard work will be yours as you take responsibility and become accountable for your success.

“Thank you sincerely for coaching me; I have enjoyed your presence and character. I respect you for your persistence and diligence in helping me to make changes for the better in my life. You are an encouraging and inspiring teacher. Here’s to seeing our business relationship grow in 2005.”
Jason Cuerel, Director, Mortgage Innovations

“I was quite sceptical as to how useful a Life Coach would be in my life. Well, the results have been quietly amazing (and I do mean quiet.) During the last 13 weeks I have achieved one massive personal goal in improving the relationship with my mum, made significant progress on 3 other goals and discovered some very revealing behaviours within myself. Most importantly, I have discovered that it is the journey, not the outcome that is important. John, thank you for doing what you do and doing it so well.
Catherine Parncutt, Director, Life Wealth Creations 2001

A recent client touched me by saying, ‘thank you for being a friend.’

  • Some of the client’s I’ve worked with…
  • Lady with young child – holiday in NZ – no money, no chance… After seven sessions, tickets in hand.
  • Business coach too busy to enjoy socialising with wife – now enjoys at least 2 planned enjoyable occasions per month.
  • Businesswoman wanting to sustain status quo from her own efforts, as opposed to being employed… on track to achieve that and more.
  • Lady playing Fer Elise on the piano to her satisfaction
  • Man with reduced golf handicap
  • When I was coached, I managed to increase my typing speed to 60 words a minute.
  • Improved health and fitness – there are so many good results in that area, from reduced weight to having more energy
  • From better reading and spelling with one client to having first draft of a book accepted by a publisher, with another client
  • Spectacular relationship improvement between daughter and mother
  • Wonderful dream realised in The Blue Mountains
  • Time management victory
  • Had one guy double his income in three months
  • Have another lady who realised her dream of presenting an effective speech to an audience without visibly shaking

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