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Everything starts with a thought and those thoughts determine your attitude. You can decide whether to voice those thoughts or not, and those decisions can have powerful results.

A positive attitude will make your world seem brighter. It does help to look on the bright side and also influences those around you.

The words that you choose can influence your attitude, so it makes sense to pay attention to vocabulary. Say what you mean and mean what you say, or keep quiet.

Attitude affects the outcome of all your pursuits. Being optimistic and pleasant is just as easy as being pessimistic and unpleasant and you do have that choice!

Acceptance of self has a lot to do with how you behave. You can't give what you don't have, so in order to behave well towards others, first you need to respect yourself.

Berating yourself seems to be the acceptable punishment; telling yourself off and calling yourself names. This public admonishment is a bad habit and can adversely affect your attitude.

Your personal power, health and happiness depend on what you think. Having a positive attitude in these areas will improve your quality of life.

Your environment governs you, and you can change that environment by developing your attitude in three areas: physical, mental and emotional.

Negativity has no place in a healthy mind and body. Tell yourself that you don’t want these unhealthy ideas and in time your mind will be filled with approving thoughts.

Thinking is a habit and habits can be acquired. Discipline your thinking and your life will change accordingly. Demand of yourself a positive mental attitude.

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