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John Mulvey, founder and director of Creative Presentations, former president of The National Speakers Association, Qld. Chapter, is a well-respected business development consultant, life performance coach and successful author.

He is a certified NLP practitioner and as a professional speaker, John has shared the stage with the likes of Allan Pease and the legendary James Rohn.

John's presentations are dynamic, inspirational and entertaining. His message is unique and people learn from his experience, retaining the simple lessons that have helped others achieve their dreams. Many companies have benefited from his, ‘show me what you can do,' style.

Some of his clients include: ICI Dulux, Capral, University of Queensland , Woolworth's, CSR, VACC Insurance, Smiths Snack foods, Brisbane Airport Corporation, St George Bank, Virgin Blue, Incitec, QIC, Enertrade, Stanwell Corporation and other Qld. Government Departments.



John has spoken in Australia , the USA and the UK and he's an acclaimed Master of Ceremonies. He has worked extensively with the Real Estate industry; presented to the Insurance, and Newspaper Industries as well as clubs and associations.

His background is in sales, marketing and management with over 30 years experience. He earned life membership of the Million-Dollar Round Table, and founded the Positive Mental Attitude Club in the UK , which is still going strong.

John's ROLE stems from R eading , O bservation, L istening and E xperience, which, certainly in group situations, helps to create an atmosphere of fun that is conducive to lasting learning. In addition, John's shared JUGGLING technique enables people to discover the confidence to be themselves... which enhances harmony and productivity!

So be prepared for the unexpected when you invite John to present his information to your group. Whether one to one or one to many, there is no escaping the impact his experiential method has on his audience.

His unstinting support and encouragement for individuals to step into their own power and realise their potential manifests itself in his one-on-one life performance coaching, which backs up his belief that one person can make a difference.

The principal, John Mulvey, is waiting to help you. Contact John today for information on any of our seminars, products or coaching programs.

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